Wagner Smart Sensor Insertion Tool

The Insertion Tool is required for inserting Rapid RH® 4.0ex Smart Sensors into concrete slabs deeper than 4 inches. Made of white Delrin and measures 5½ inches long.
SKU: MV-12200
Manufacturer: Wagner

The Rapid RH® 4.0 EX Insertion Tool is newly designed to provide simpler, more ergonomic Smart Sensor insertion for RH testing in concrete slabs with the Rapid RH® test method. The new Insertion Tool is a more robust and extraordinarily useful multipurpose insertion tool that allows installers to know when they have a correctly-sized, straight, uniformly round test holes. Multi-stepped and multipurpose, the new insertion tool completely syncs with the current model Easy Reader for complete compatibility with the Rapid RH® system.

The Wagner Meters Rapid RH® 4.0 EX Insertion Tool is composed of black Delrin material suited to moist environments, such as concrete slabs undergoing formation.

The Insertion Tool measures 6-3/4 inches and provides both test hole verification and worry-free Wagner Meters Smart Sensor probe installation.