Wagner Meters 

Wagner Meters, established in 1965, is a US manufacturer of world-respected moisture meters.  Their handheld division focuses in two areas - in-situ RH measurement for concrete (following ASTM F2170), and pinless wood meters with an astoinishing 7 year warranty.

Their two lines of products work together to support the hardwood flooring installer, inspector, or claims adjuster in the pursuit of excellence.  Any flooring professional who lays a covering over concrete will find the Rapid RH 6.0 system an invaluable tool.  Woodworkers, furniture and cabinetry makers, and lumber industry professionals rely on Wagner moisture meters for accurate, non-destructive moisture measurement every day.



Concrete RH Measurement

Wagner's revolutionary Rapid RH 6.0 system offers the quickest and easiest way to comply with ASTM F2170 for in-situ concrete moisture measurement.  Readings are usually within 3% of the final RH value after just 15-20 minutes, and within 1 hour will generally match the value seen at 72 hours.  It is nevertheless recommended that users adhere strictly to the ASTM F2170 specifications which state 24 hours.


Rapid RH® DataMaster™ App

A complete, full-featured app offering a seamless relative humidity data collection and reporting system for your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device (Rapid RH® Bluetooth®Smart Reader required, and your mobile device must support Bluetooth® Low Energy technology*).

Designed specifically for use with all Rapid RH® 4.0 and 6.0 for concrete moisture testing, the DataMaster™ app helps to ensure full ASTM F2170 compliance.

Now even better than the original DataMaster™ tool that was awarded Most Innovative Product, Industry Choice, for Concrete Construction Equipment at World of Concrete 2013. You’ll especially appreciate its convenient smartphone interface and report generation.

Easy-to-use and offered as a highly intuitive package that includes all these important features:

  • Manually and/or automatically acquires ALL data necessary to adhere to the ASTM F2170 standard.
  • Maintains and ensures ASTM critical data integrity by making formatted report “READ ONLY.”
  • Links all recorded data to a display of your job site’s sensor locations with it’s new mapping function.
  • Ensures simple, concise report formatting.
  • Allows for emailing or printing of reports directly from your smartphone to any wireless enabled printer.
  • Allows data to be easily exported to the dedicated website for graphing, trending, etc.

Available for download today. Must be used with the Bluetooth® Smart Reader to take advantage of all its great features.


Wood Moisturer Meters

Since 1965, Wagner Meters has led the industry with fast, easy-to-use, and highly accurate wood moisture meters. With the introduction of the Orion® line of moisture meters for wood and other materials, Wagner Meters adds true in-the-field calibration. Another industry first that is exclusive only to the Orion line of moisture meters. Use the included On-Demand Calibrator to ensure that the Orion meter is always calibrated at any time.

Wagner's Pinless Wood Moisture Meter come in 5 models:

  • Orion 910 (Deep Depth )
  • Orion 920 (Shallow Depth)
  • Orion 930 (Dual Depth)
  • Orion 940 (Dual Deep Depth & Data Collection)
  • Orion 950 (Smart Meter with on-board Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) calculator, Bluetooth, built-in temperature/RH sensor)



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