Transmittance Set of Certified Standards TrHz-99. For MIZA TrHz-22, TrHz-33, TrHz-55 & TrHz-77 Transmission instruments

The TrHz-99 Transmission Standards (4) for total transmittance are are used to check the accuracy for these MIZA Instruments: MIZA TrHz-22, TrHz-33, TrHz-55 and TrHz-77 for Total Transmittance.
SKU: HB-40200
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Manufacturer: MIZA

Total Transmission Checking Standards

(4 standards per Set) Model: TrHz-99 SKU: HB-40200

 The TrHz-99 Total Transmission (transmittance) set contains four Checking Standards and a certificate:


 These standards can be used for our instruments:

a. TrHz-22 Transmission Haze Meter

b. TrHz-33 Transmission Haze Meter Deluxe Level

c. TrHz-55 Transmission Haze Meter Deluxe with Full Spectrophotometer

d. TrHz-77 Transmission Haze Meter with Custom Small hole or Small Slit

The standards are guaranteed to be accurate and perfectly work in conjunction with the Transmission Haze Instruments from Imbotec Group.

NOTE: We also have 5 Standards in a set TrHz-98 for Haze in Transmission mode. HAZE Transmission Checking Standards