Tramex RH Probe Hygro-i - Qty: 1

RH - Relative Sensor Measures Temperature, Relative Humidity, Dew Point. Note that in order to use this probe you need a cable to attach it to the Moisture meter SKU MS11151.
SKU: MS-11161
Manufacturer: Tramex

The Tramex Hygro-I Probe is the most advanced and resilient RH probe on the market today. Used in conjunction with the Tramex CMEX2 or MRH3 non-destructive moisture meters the Hygro-i probe provides measurements of humidity, temperature and dew-point in structural materials such as concrete flooring, walls etc. and come in a package of 13, 12 and more.  This kit comes with 1 Hygro-i Probe and 1 Sleeve and Cap.  Since this kit only comes with the probe and sleeve you will need the Hygro-i Interface Cable to be able to read the readings from the probe to a Tramex moisture meter. 

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