Tramex has been manufacturing moisture meters for over thirty years. We designed and developed the world’s first non-destructive moisture detector working on the principle of impedance measurement using direct contact electrodes.

The Tramex product line offers unique solutions for moisture problems to professionals with their handheld moisture meters and hygrometers. We have accumulated a vast wealth of experience dealing with many different industries which include but are not limited to: Flooring, Building Inspection, Concrete, Roofing, Pest Control, Indoor Air Quality, Building Maintenance, Restorative Drying, EIFS, Cleaning and more.

We remain today one of the best and most respected manufacturers in the business, in addition to maintaining the status of market leader worldwide.  

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Tramex CME5


Tramex Concrete Inspection Kit

$1,285.00 $1,350.00

Tramex ME5


Tramex Pin Probe

$103.00 $93.00