Rhopoint Gloss Meter Calibration

Rhopoint Gloss Meter Calibration

Imbotec is factory trained at calibration and repair services of Rhopoint glossmeters. ISO 17025 is optional but possible. Call us at 866-462-6832 (866.IMB.OTEC)

We have twelve NIST Certified Calibration Tiles to perfectly calibrate a Rhopoint or BYK gloss meter from 1 GU to 101GU and a special first surface mirror tile for extreme gloss like chrome.

The expertise lies in the Rhopoint Gloss meters below;

Rhopoint Novo Gloss TRIO

Rhopoint Novo Gloss TriGloss

Rhopoint Novo Gloss 20/60°

Rhopoint Novo Gloss 20/60/85°

Rhopoint Novo Gloss 60°

Rhopoint Novo Gloss 60 Flex

Rhopoint Novo Curve

Rhopoint NGL45

Rhopoint NGL60

Rhopoint NGL20/60

Rhopoint NGL Trio

Rhopoint 20/60/75