“Rent to Test Meter”

IQ, DOI, Haze, Gloss Meters

“Satisfaction Guaranteed” Over 95% of our customers keep the meter. 

Not sure if our meter is the correct solution for your measurement application?. “Rent to Test Meter” with a New DOI, Haze, Gloss, meter on your application before you make a final purchase decision. Then, we have an easy, low-cost solution for you in 4 easy steps:

1) Test it for one week.

2) See its amazing performance in action.

3) Be mesmerized by how easy it is to use.

4) Just keep it.

Easy and Simple! 

We expect you to be doubtful! Once you test it, we know you will be a happy, convinced and satisfied customer. We offer four options for the Rent-to-Test Meter so that you can fully evaluate it.

Time to make Decision “Rent to Test” Your Cost plus shipping
Less than 5 days $300
6-10 days $1000
11-15 days $1500
16-20 days $2000

e.g. If the decision to return the meter is within one week, the “Rent to Buy Meter” charge is only $300. plus shipping. If you keep it, no charge.

“Rent to Test Meter” Terms:

  1. When you decide to keep the Rhopoint IQ instrument, please advise us. We will then mail you the original certificates, duly signed with the correct date and a "paid" marked Invoice.
  2. The minimum rental fee for a returned DOI instrument within one week is $300.
  3. The maximum “Rent to Test Meter” period is four weeks. Units kept beyond four weeks will be deemed to be sold, and funds are non-refundable.
  4. Rental fees are per week – no partial weeks. 
  5. Payment by credit card will be taken in advance for the full purchase price plus shipping for the NEW DOI Instrument. 
  6. If you decide to return the meter. -- Once the instrument is received by us, inspected, and determined to be in as-shipped condition, a refund of the FULL purchase price, less rent per the rental schedule above will be issued. We realize this is difficult, but please check our BBB rating, as we have zero complaints and an A+ rating.
  7. Shipping costs in both directions are non-refundable. 
  8. The rental term runs from the date that the customer receives the instrument, to the date the customer's courier picks up the instrument for return to us.
  9. In the event that the unit is returned to us, shipping instructions are enclosed with the meter. If these are misplaced, please contact us for new instructions.

Or contact us using the details below for full information about our rental program as well as terms and conditions that apply.

Phone Toll Free   1 (866) 462-6832
  International 1 (905) 450-1746
  Fax 1 (866) 394-4293
Email Sales   [email protected]

All rentals are subject to availability, and there may be a waiting list for some products.