Pressure Density Cup

SKU: CB-11495
Manufacturer: MIZA

The CB-11495 Pressure Density Cup:

Designed to measure the density of a sample liquid with the minimum amount of error. Some paints tend to pick up significant amounts of air during manufacturing. This instrument operates on the principle of compressing the paint to such an extent that air bubbles are removed. It can be used with materials containing up to 10% by volume of air and is capable of repeatable results to better than ±0.5%

This instrument consists of a hollow cylinder with a plunger in one end and a pressure release cap at the other. Pressure can be applied to the sample by advancing the plunger with the screw provided. Excess paint is forced out of the pressure release cap which is set at a value of 150 p.s.i. The instrument is so made that when the plunger is screwed all the way, the volume of enclosed material is 100ml.
In order to use the cup, the pressure release cap is removed and the plunger withdrawn to the full extent in order to give the cup its maximum capacity for filling. The cup is held vertically with the open end at the top and the paint to be tested is poured in until it is nearly full. The cup is then closed by replacing the pressure release cap.
The paint is now compressed by advancing the plunger. When the pressure in the cup reaches 150 p.s.i., paint is forced out between the cup and the pressure release cap. When the plunger has been advanced to its full extent, the paint in the cup is at a pressure of 150 p.s.i. and the volume is at 100ml(100 g of water at 16.7°C). If the temperature is not 16.7°C there will be a small error due to thermal expansion of the cup, which may be regarded as negligible if the temperature is between 12°C and 20°C. Excess paint is washed away from the top of the cup and the whole instrument dried.
The weight of the remaining paint in the cup is obtained by weighing the cup and its contents and subtracting the tare weight of the cup.
It is made up of stainless steel and easy to clean.


ISO 2811-4

BS 3900 A22.


Each desity cup comes with a Calibration Certificate.