Phoenix Smart A - Contact Angle

SEO’s Phoenix system consists of the Phoenix-MT instruments and the Surfaceware software. A Computer is required for the operation of the system, and all modules should set position properly (position should be able to see the image on software)
SKU: MA-12010
Manufacturer: SEO
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The Phoenix system utilizes Sessile & Surface energy techniques.This approach is a simple and reliable technique for characterizing the surface between Solid and Liquid Systems using the Laplace-Young Equation. Contact angle measurement is a well-known technique which can be used to investigate adhesion, surface treatments, and polymer film modification. The wetting of solid substrates by liquids is a basic element in many natural and commercial processes. Computer controlled contact angle analyzers facilitate rapid and simple measurement of static contact angle, dynamic contact angle, surface tension and surface energy. The Phoenix Contact Angle System may be used to measure the following;a. Static & Dynamic Contact angleb. Lubrication and wetness, according to timec. Surface Energyd. Pendent drop for surface tension