TrHz-94 5mm Haze Aperture for the MIZA TrHz-22

The MIZA TrHz-94 Haze Transmission Aperture for the TrHz22 reduces the measurement area to the smallest industry wide possible minimal area. The Aperture Size is a minimal 5mm with the measurement area being less.
SKU: HB-40305
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Manufacturer: MIZA

MIZA TrHz-94 Haze Meter 5mm ApertureThe TrHz-22 Haze meter now has the capability of measuring areas under 5mm in area for Haze and Transmittance.The optional TrHz-94 permits the world's smallest area measurement for Haze and Transmittance.The TrHz-22 Haze Meter combined with the TrHz-94 create an unmatched combination for the smallest of measurements industry wide.The standard size with the TrHz-22 is a 21mm aperture.We optionally also provide measurement apertures for the TrHz-22 of;  7mm Aperture - TrHz-9310mm Aperture - TrHz-92If you require a unique smaller aperture contact us ([email protected])for your correct size.