Sample Holder & Cuvette Table for TrHz-33, TrHz-55, & TrHz-77

The MIZA TrHz-89 Sample Holder and Cuvette Table is a two in one solution. The TrHz-89 is spring loaded mechanism to hold either the sheet sample vertically or the Cuvette. Used on the TrHz-33, 55 & 77
SKU: HB-50105
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Manufacturer: MIZA

MIZA TrHz-89 Sample Holder and Cuvette TableThe economical two solution in one fixture is an easy and flexible solution. The MIZA Sample Holder - Cuvette Table attaches to the Haze Meter with two screws to hold it securely in  place. The very open compartment allows for easy manipulation of many different shape samples whether liquid or solid. The MIZA Sample and Cuvette holder is a unique design that nobody else has in the Transmission Haze Meters.  

This Cuvette and Sample Holder can be used on the MIZA models TrHz-33, TrHz-55 & the TrHz-77.