MIZA Instruments

MIZA Instruments

            by Imbotec Group


High Quality Instruments distributed by Imbotec Group to Laboratories, manufacturers and professional Contractors acroiss the Americas. The MIZA brand started during  2015-16. The brand originated by our requirement to supply product to our established customers that expected not only quality but sold by a reputable company that backed the service and warranty abd calibration services if required. To maintain our reputation, we had to find products that met these guidelines keeping everyone happy.

The MIZA brand guarantees a quality product backed by a company in North America with knowelgeable staff of the industry and products.

The MIZA line includes products in the measurement of appearance; 

We have introduced a specialized line of Gloss Measurement Instruments to measure curved surfaces, small surface areas and niche market applications requiring different instrument geometries.

In 2019, we added Instruments measuring Color, Haze and Transmission along with ASTM standards. Some instruments also include field installation.





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