MIZA Gloss Meter Software

USB Software and cable for MIZA Glossmeters (GJ-10000, GJ-10100, GJ-10200, and GJ-10400)
SKU: GJ-12300
Delivery date: 1-2 days
Manufacturer: MIZA

USB Software and Cable for MIZA Glossmeters The kit includes a USB software and cable.  It is compatible with the MIZA gloss meters models GJ-10000, GJ-10100, GJ-10200, and GJ-10400.  We are U.S. & Canadian Authorized distributor for many products to test appearance, color, haze (both Tr & Refl.), gloss meters, and many other physical testing equipments in the coatings industry. We only supply our customers with reputable quality equipment.   For any technical or commercial questions, please call our sales department  with no hold time answered by native North American English speakers: Toll-Free at 1-866-462-6832 

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