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Imbotec Group has a variety of Four (4) Laboratory Transmission Haze Meters available for the North American Market. Our instruments all come with a long three year warranty.

Our 4 models have the following features;

  1. MIZA TrHz-22 - Entry Level ASTM Haze Transmission Meter for solid objects up to a Thickness of 6". 

  2. MIZA TrHz-33 - Mid Level ASTM Haze Laboratory Instrument measures both liquids and solids. Comes with an advanced spectrometer sensor to more accurately measure. The MIZA TrHz-33 produces Transmission curves also, while the TrHz-22 does not.

  3. MIZA TrHz-55 - Advanced ASTM Haze and full featured Spectrophotometer for a multitude of variables measured concurrently during one measurement.

  4. MIZA TrHz-77 - Thin Slit or small diameter (>5mm) Haze Meter. Measures through a thin 1mm or 2mmx21mm slit for special applications requiring Haze Measurements and Transmission measurements or you can have a 5mm or greater aperture for small or curved samples.


Full Featured at a Great Price

Our four MIZA Haze Meter models have the capabilities you require at a lower entry price with all the characteristics of much higher priced units. The MIZA line is a Value priced set of instruments.

Longest North American Warranty

The MIZA instruments come with a Full 3 Year Warranty. At Imbotec we are here to support our North American customers.  

Instruction Manual in Real English written by an American.

The MIZA TrHz-22 manual was completely re-written as an example.

Sales Application - Training - Sample Testing

Imbotec Group will help you test, produce a report, choose, deliver, teach, calibrate and service your equipment. Our pre and after sales services are here to keep you confident and help you in any way possible. We expect that our MIZA instruments will serve you for a long time thus reducing your overall cost of ownership.

After Sales Service

Our after sales service is ready to help you in the unfortunate case your instrument does act up We are here locally to support you. There is no need for you to ship instruments across the Pacific nor the Atlantic.


Our Calibration laboratory is ready to calibrate your standards and/or your instrument in a variety of ways that meet your requirements.

ASTM Standards - Transmission or Haze

We have both the ASTM Haze and Transmission standards for sale as options to help you check your instruments health.

ASTM HAZE StandardASTM Haze StandardsTransmission Standards

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