MIZA Mini Moisture Meter

MIZA Mini Worlds Smallest Moisture Meter
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Overview of MIZA Mini Moisture Meter: 

The MIZA Mini is possibly the world's smallest moisture meter.  The Moistec Wood Brick Moisture Meter is the smallest professional handheld moisture measurement instrument specifically designed to measure wood or brick quickly at a fraction of the price of other meters and much smaller.

Features of the MIZA Mini Moisture Meter:

  • World's Smallest Moisture Meter
  • Fast measurements with a single button
  • Electronic button to switch between Wood or Brick
  • Digital, LCD Display
  • Built in Calibration Check
  • Immediate Moisture Display

Specifications of the MIZA Mini Moisture Meter:

  • Size 3”x1.6”x 3/16”
  • Weight 0.5 oz.
  • 12V, 23A Battery
  • 90 days warranty
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