Linear Abraser

SKU: CA-12800
Manufacturer: Bevs

Introduction for the Linear Abraser:

It is designed according to the American Dupont standard and applied to the abrasion resistant test for all kinds of non-conductive coating layers. The abrasion degree of samples is determined by using rubber, artificial sweat, steel wool or alcohol to scrub the surface of the samples.

Features of the Linear Abraser:

  • Big LCD design, touch-screen operation
  • Operating Menu: Chinese or English
  • Adjustable speed intelligent system ensures the accuracy of sample measurement
  • Universal fixture to fix the sample in different shapes & sizes

Technical Specifications of the Linear Abraser:

  • Enhanced Screen with touch-screen control
  • Rubbing Frequency: No sections and adjustable speed frequency
  • Adjustable rubbing cycle times: 0–9999 
  • Adjustable stroke length: 2099 times/ min
  • Adjustable rubbing distance: 10–50 mm
  • Test platform: 14x16inches (350x400mm) (LxW)