Lignomat Ligno-Tec Relative Humidity Concrete Package

RH Meter + RH Sensor + 10 Sleeves + RH Cable and Case for Concrete Testing
SKU: MK-13052
Manufacturer: Lignomat

Overview of Lignomat Ligno-Tec Relative Humidity Concrete Package:

The Ligno-Tec Relative Humidity Meter, Sensor Package Includes the Relative Humidity Meter, 1 RH Sensor, 6 ft. extension cable, 10 Sleeves and a case.  This package gives you an extension for your RH Sensor so you can measure the RH while your sensor is in the ground.

The GPP Ligno-Tec Relative Humidity Meter is a very quick meter with a response time of only 8 seconds and is used by concrete specialists.  The Ligno-Tec meter measures:

  1. Relative Humidity
  2. Temperature
  3. Dew Point
  4. GPP "Grains of Water per pound of Dry Air

The Ligno-Tec RH meter comes with a black pouch only.  To measure RH, temperature, dew point, and GPP, an RH Sensor with either a meter-sensor adapter or a cable.  

Primarily Flood Restoration Specialists, Mold Remediation Experts and Concrete Flooring Testers (using the ASTM 2170-11 standard method) use the Ligno-Tec meter.