Lignomat RH BluePeg Sensor - Qty:5

5 RH Sensor for Relative Humidity and Temperature Measurement
SKU: MK-13062
Manufacturer: Lignomat

The Ligno Relative Humidity BluePeg Sensor comes in a package of five.  The BluePeg is a sensor for relative humidity and ambient temperature with a protective cover over the sensing pad for calibration stability.  The BluePeg is designed to be placed inside a hole liner (sleeve), which has been inserted into a predrilled hole in the concrete test area. The cap is used to seal the sleeve to allow acclimation to the moisture released by the concrete inside the hole.  It has an accuracy of:

  • Accuracy of Humidity Readings: +/-2% for 10% to 90%, up to +/-3% below 10% and above 90%
  • Accuracy of Temperature Readings: +/- 1oC for 32°F to 122°F (0oC to 50oC)

The BluePeg Sensors are reusable, only the Hole Liners/Sleeves and Caps are not.