Lignomat USA was established in Portland, Oregon in 1975. Since then Lignomat USA has grown into a company globally recognized and highly respected in the lumber industry for dry kiln controllers and moisture measurement technology.  Lignomat also sells a variety of different types of meters:

Handheld Moisture Meters: Measure wood, sheetrock, gypsum and other building materials.  

Concrete Moisture Meters: Use a BluePeg moisture Probe to read relative Humidity in concrete.

Wireless Monitoring Systems: Wireless Moisture Data Logging systems that measure wood, concrete, temperature and relative humidity (RH).                           

Control Systems: Control Systems for Kiln operators.

Inline Moisture Meters: Measures the moisture of wood as it moves through a conveyor belt 

One of Lignomat USA's keys to success is their mission to give customers high quality products with flexibility to adapt to their applications at competitive prices.  These meters provide consistent, accurate readings about the moisture level of your product. Whether you choose pin-type, or pin-free, the meters provide valuable information you need to make critical decisions.


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