Haze Transmission & Transmittance Instrument Price Comparissons

Haze Transmission & Transmittance Instruments Price Comparisson

for quick and accurate Measurements

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Transmission – The amount of light that passes through a product with considerations to scattering of light through the product.

Haze – The ratio of light of Diffuse light versus total light passing through the product. We also call this "Wide Angle Scattering" at an angle > 2.5° ASTM D1003

Clarity – The amount of light that is scattered at a narrow angle < 2.5° or Low Angle Scattering.

ASTM D1003 under CIE Illuminant C is used to measure Haze most often.

One of Imbotec Group's specialties is in the use and supply of Transmission Haze Meters. We have answers and solutions to unique measurement and sample preparation problems. We can help you choose the best value solution to 100% answer your requirements. We have at our disposal 6 - six models of Haze-Transmission Instruments. One model has a built-in Full Spectrophotometer. Another model is custom designed for small, curved or tubular surfaces. Call us to discuss your requirement at 866.IMBOTEC (462-6832) or Contact Us.   

 BYK Haze-Gard i (all accessories extra) 2 Yr Warr. $28k  Costly
 MIZA TrHz-22 Economy Entry Level Model  3 Yr Warr. $8k  Value Zone
 MIZA TrHz-33 Mid-Advanced Model 3 Yr Warr. $12k  Value Zone
 Rho Novo-Haze Mid-Advanced 2 yr Warr. $14k-$18k  ~Disc.
 MIZA TrHz-55 Advanced Haze - Spectrophotometer $18k  Value ++
 MIZA TrHz-77 Mid Adv. Custom Aperture Model $15  Custom

The above table gives you a rough idea of the USD pricing associated with every model.

But not all models are created equal, as the TrHz-33-55-77 and BYK include a half day training while the Rho Novo Haze DOES NOT. The MIZA models include a full 3-year warranty, while others are one or two years only. However, only the BYK does narrow-angle scattering or Clarity if this is a necessity to you. But the BYK includes no accessories and are all mostly extra while other models include the basics to offer you a full working model. The Rhopoint at this time appears to be discontinued as there is a rumor that a new model is in the works to improve their shortcomings. The MIZA and BYK are serviced and calibrated here while the Rho Novo-Haze has no service capability in North America and must be sent to another continent with additional costs.

The MIZA TrHz-77 has a custom aperture designed for special applications that no other company offers.

The choices are yours. Choose because of Clarity or because of long warranty times or due to service in North America or a custom aperture.

In terms of value and quality and Service, the MIZA stands out in the pack.

MIZA has four distinct models from entry, mid, adv, and custom offering every possible choice.

Give us a call to discuss your perfect application.


1.866.462.6832          866.IMBOTEC


We also carry Both Haze Standards and Transmission Standards that by ASTM standards are required to periodically measure the accuracy of your instrument.


TrHz-98 ASTM Haze Standards

TrHz-99 Transmission Standards


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