Hardwood Claims Adjuster

Hardwood Claims Adjuster

Hardwood Claims adjusters require simple low cost equioment that provides a quick and easy conclusion as to the location's conditions. What are the environmental conditions of the installed product' location?

We help with the determination of the environmental air quality (temp. & humidity) and moisture conditions of the wood.

Minimum Solution "A": Air Quality Measurement ONLY - Get the Temperature and Humidity

  • Low Cost Psychrometer for the Hardwood community
  • Professional Solution
  • Fast Acting 
  • Accurate Temperature & Humidity reading
  • Pocket sized psychrometer
  • Same quality that the Hardwood Inspector's use

Medium Solution "B": Psychrometer & Pin Moisture Meter

  • Psychrometer as in "A"
  • Low Cost Accurate Pin Moisture Meter
  • Moisture Meter is expandable in future
  • Can accept a Hammer or Hand probe in future.

Medium Solution "C": Psychrometer & Pinless Moisture Meter

  • Psychrometer as in "A"
  • Low Cost Accurate Pinless Moisture Meter
  • Pinless Moisture Meter is easy and Super Quick to asses an area for moisture
  • Just place meter on the surface and move the meter around the area to deterine wetness


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