Drying Time Recorder

SKU: CA-21300
Manufacturer: Bevs

Introduction to Drying Time Recorder:

The Drying Time Recorder is used in the coatings industry throughout the world to help quantify the various stages of the film drying and curing process; Set-to-Touch, Tack-Free, Dry-Hard and Dry-Through. A needle carrier holding a hemisphericaly ended needle travels the length of the 10 test strips in 6, 12, 24 or 48 hours. Other speeds are available by manual configuration. A time scale on the side is graduated to suit the different travel times.

The intuitive touch screen control design, allows for a customized user-defined start time and test time, making the operation more intuitive and simple.

Technical Specifications of the Drying Time Recorder: 

Dimension: 22x21x8inches (550×530×200 mm)
Number of tracks:10
Length of strips: 12inches (300 mm)
Driver: 5 sets of motors, 2 track per motor

Drying Time:
Standard: 6,12,24,48 hours
Customizable minimum 1 minute.(only track 1)

During the test, user can change the test time and re-start again.

Standard: ASTM D5895