Delmhorst G-34 Hops Moisture Meter

Ensures quality Hop Harvest, Safe Storage and measure 7-14% MC
SKU: MC-62210
Manufacturer: Delmhorst

Overview of Delmhorst G-34 Hops Moisture Meter:

The Delmhorst G-34 Hops Moisture Meter lets you easily check moisture levels in baled hops to assure high-quality harvest and safe storage. This meter has a moisture range of 7%-14% in hops.  The large analog display and built-in battery check make this a favorite among hop growers worldwide.  The G-34 meter cannot be used unless you purchase a Delmhorst Electrode, preferably the Delmhorst 30-E/C because it has 9" pins for greater penetration.  Another good option for Hops is the 832 Long Pin Prod, which has 6 pins, each with 3 1/4" penetration. 

Features of the Delmhorst G-34 Hops Moisture Meter:

  • Easy-to-read analog display
  • Moisture Range: 7%-14% on hops
  • Built-in battery and calibration check
  • Auto-shutoff timer saves battery life

Specs of the Delmhorst G-34 Hops Moisture Meter:

  • Size: 7 3/8” x 3 7/8” x 2 3/4”
  • Weight 16 oz.
  • 9V Battery 
  • 1 yr warranty