Delmhorst F-6 Analog, 13%-40% Hay Moisture Meter only, no case

Simple Lowest cost easy to read Hay Moisture Meter for HIGH moisture range
SKU: MC-61300
Manufacturer: Delmhorst

Overview of Delmhorst F-6 Analog, 13%-40% Hay Moisture Meter only, no case:

The Delmhorst F-6 (13%-40%) Hay HIGH Moisture Range Meter measures moisture levels in the windrow and standard bales with a range from 13% to 40%, and comes equipped with a popular analog readout.  

With simplified controls, the Delmhorst F-6 (13%-40%) is a great entry-level meter for value-minded farmers.  The F-6 is also available with a MC range of (6%-30%). This LOW Moisture Range Meter is called the Delmhorst F-6/6-30 Hay Moisture Meter.  Both meters require attachments to measure moisture.

For hay farmers, we recommend one of our Starter Deluxe Packages, which come with all of the attachments required to measure moisture in hay both in the windrow (using the short pin prod 831) and in bales (using the 830-2 10" prod or the 830-3 18" prod).

For those who don't grow hay, but only store it and feed it to livestock, the more economical 10" prod package includes a prod which connects directly to the meter, for measuring moisture in baled hay.

We also offer two more advanced options for measuring moisture in hay.  The most popular choice for Hay moisture measurement is the Delmhorst F-2000 Digital Hay Moisture Meter.  This meter covers the full range of 6-40% moisture content, and can average up to 100 accumulated readings.  This meter is available with all of the same attachments as the F-6 meter.

Our most technologically advanced option is the Delmhorst FX-2000 Hay Moisture Meter with Power Supply, which comes with mounting hardware for attaching directly to your tractor, for continuous monitoring.  This meter takes two readings every second, and updates every 4 seconds.  It comes with all of the same features and available attachments as the F-2000, as well.

Features of the Delmhorst F-6 Analog, 13%-40% Hay Moisture Meter:

  • Analog display
  • Moisture Range: 13%-40% on hay

Specifications of the Delmhorst F-6 Analog, 13%-40% Hay Moisture Meter:

  • Size: 8” x 3” x 1 5/8”
  • Weight 10 oz.
  • 9V Battery
  • 1 yr warranty

Package Variations:

The Delmhorst F-6 (13%-40%) Hay Moisture Meter, 10" Prod Package: Includes the F-6 meter, a 10" Prod and a carrying case

The Delmhorst F-6 (13%-40%) Hay Moisture Meter, Deluxe Package: Includes the F-6 meter, a 10" Prod, a H-4 handle (for the 831 Prod), a 831 Short Pin Prod and a carrying case.