Delmhorst 26-ED Electrode

Hammer probe with two insulated pins with 1 1/8" penetration, and depth gauge.
SKU: MC-11421
Manufacturer: Delmhorst


The Delmhorst 26-ED hammer probe for measurement of hardwood ships with 2 insulated 1 1/8" penetration pins installed.  This is a variation of the most popular Delmhorst hammer probe (the 26-ES).  The 26-ED adds the extra feature of a depth gauge, for measuring pin penetration, to the standard probe.

It includes a package of spares, including replacement washers, 1/2" penetration insulated pins, one set of spares of the installed pins, and a pair of 1/2" penetration UNinsulated pins

Used to measure moisture in hardwood, paired with any suitable Delmhorst meter (see suggestions under Related Products). 

Delmhorst also offers a second hammer probe, the 18-ES, for deeper penetration into timber.  This hammer probe is also available with a depth gauge, as the 18-ED.