Delmhorst 1986 Hay Baler Sensor for the FX-2000

Baler Sensor only replacement for continuous real time Hay Moisture monitoring during Baling.
SKU: MC-11911
Manufacturer: Delmhorst

Overview of Delmhorst 1986 Bale Sensor for the FX-2000:

The Delmhorst Bale Sensor provides real time hay moisture readings while the baling process continues. The 1986 Moisture Bale Sensor is mounted in the tractor baler and allows continuous monitoring of moisture content during baling. It comes with 30ft. cable that runs from the sensor, mounted in the bale chamber, to the meter in the cab. This baler moisture sensor is a replacement part and is designed and recommended for use with the Delmhorst FX-2000 Hay Moisture Meter System powered by the tractor through the included power supply.

The FX-2000 Baler system can also be purchased as a package available in three variations. 

FX-2000-10 Pkg incl. meter, 1986 baler sensor, windrow & 10" bale prod, & pwr supply

FX-2000-18 Pkg incl. meter, 1986 baler sensor, windrow & 10" bale prod, & pwr supply

FX-2000 Pkg       incl. meter, 1986 baler sensor and pwr supply