Cross-Hatch Cutter - Base Kit

SKU: CA-15220
Manufacturer: Bevs

The Cross-Hatch Cutter, available in various configurations based on number and separation of blades, is designed to test the adhesion of paint according to ASTM D3359 and ISO 2409-1992 standards. The cutting head comes with four sets of blades, and replacement heads are available. Replacing or rotating the blades is quick and simple.

Base Kit Contents:

  • Cross Hatch Cutter
  • Hexagonal Key
  • Paper box


Specifications of the Cross-Hatch Cutter - Base Kit:

Gap: (1mm)
Number of blades: 11
Cutting Edges: 8
Coating Thickness: 0~2.4mil (0 to 60 µm)
Standard: ASTM D3359