Mohs Hardness tester kit (MOHS)

SKU: ML-11100
Manufacturer: MIZA

Miza Concrete Hardness Tester Picks by Imbotec (Model ML-11100) 

The Miza Concrete Hardness Tester Picks comes in a Plastic molded Field Case for ease of care. It’s a defacto standard for over two hundred years. Polished Concrete Contractors use this to test the Hardness of the Concrete. This test is simple and very low cost at around $100. Everyone should have one in their tool bag.

Hardness picks make hardness testing easy. The point of the pick is easily placed against the concrete that you want to test. The scratches that you make or trails of metal that are left behind are usually very easy to distinguish. 

Simply hold the pick in your hand like a pencil and place it on the area that you would like to test. Then, with pressure, drag the point across the surface of the specimen. It will either leave a scratch, slide without scratching, or leave a trail of metal behind. 

The set includes four double-ended points - for Mohs hardness of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. The 2 is a plastic point, the 3 is a copper point, the others are alloys carefully selected to match the hardness of the Mohs index minerals.  A 100 grit grinding stone for sharpening your points

  • Streak plate
  • Glass plate for quick "hard" or "soft" determination
  • Two hardness plates with a hardness of 3.5 & 5.5
  • Table listing 80 common minerals and their hardness
  • Hardness testing instructions
  • All of this in a compact (8"x5"x2") hard plastic case
  • One year warranty

How to Use the Miza Hardness Tester Picks:

Choose the lowest numbered pick and scratch a sample of concrete. If you cannot scratch it , move to the next numbered pick and so on. Using your fingers rub the surface that appears scratched to feel if a scratch is truly present. Once a scratch is produced, the correct value is a half unit less than the pick used.