Calibration - Haze in Transmission Transmittance Instruments and Standards


Calibration Service of Haze Transmission Transmittance Instruments and Standards

The Imbotec MIZA Transmission Haze Transmittance meters are serviced and calibrated in America either at our facility within a week or optionally on-site at your location. Alternatively, we can also calibrate your Standards at Imbotec, and then you can check your instrument.

Calibrations at Imbotec are performed in a timely fashion normally within one week.


All instruments that require Service - Calibration or Repair require an RMA ticket number. Our Services include calibrating your instrument, standards, or both.

It's Easy!  To schedule your instrument through our RMA system.  When you contact us, we will provide you a quotation for the services you are looking for.  Upon Approval receipt, we will issue you your RMA number as well as the paperwork to include with your shipment.


We can be reached by:

  • phone: Imbotec Service at 1-866-462-6832 (866.IMBOTEC) ext 115
  • email: [email protected]
    • subject line:  RMA Quotation Request 




Service - Transmission Haze Meter Calibration Description (SKU)


Calibration of Transmission Haze Meters (Certificate Extra)   

  • Calibration of TrHz-22 Transmission Haze Meter (SV-20000)
  • Calibration of TrHz-33 Transmission Haze Meter (SV-20010)
  • Calibration of TrHz-55 Transmission Haze Meter SV-20020)
  • Calibration of TrHz-77 Transmission Haze Meter (SV-20030)


Calibration of Transmission Standards  (Certificate Extra)       

  • Calibration of One (1) Transmission Standard (SV-20100)
  • Calibration of Three (3) Transmission Standards (SV-20110)
  • Calibration of Five (5) Transmission Standards (SV-20120)       


Calibration of Haze Standards 

  • Calibration of One (1) Haze Standard (SV-20130)
  • Calibration of Three (3) Haze Standards (SV-20140)
  • Calibration of Five (5) Haze Standards (SV-20150)


Calibration Certificate for Haze/Transmission Standards (SV-20200)




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