*Automatic Film Applicator - Glass Plate

Automatic Film Applicator "Large" - Glass Plate with clamp.
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Manufacturers: Bevs , MIZA


Overview of the Automatic Film Applicator - Glass Plate

The Automatic Film Applicator guarantees consistent high-quality coating films to drawdown test charts, foils, and panels. Controlled speed provides repeatable and reproducible results. Human variations in speed, direction, and pressure cause Rheological differences. The use of an automatic film applicator minimizes and/or eliminates variables. The results are even film thicknesses and reproducible identical high accuracy drawdowns.  Consistent drawdowns create consistent results for Gloss, Abrasion, Opacity, and other Rheological properties. Adhesive Testing also benefits from consistent even thicknesses.  

Automatic Film Applicators either uses a glass plate or a vacuum plate to hold the drawdown test medium. Automatic Film Applicators allow a variety of application bars to be mounted and film applicators (BIRD, BAKER, Cube, multi-sided, etc.) to be pushed. User-selectable speeds (10-140mm/s or 50-300mm/s) can be adjusted to allow for customization of the final film thickness. The drawdown process is governed by standard ASTM D823. The Touch Screen Interface is large and easy to use and navigate. Using an Automatic Film Applicator is very easy to operate.

Five other models exist providing you the perfect choice for your applications:

  • Large Vacuum
  • Large Heated Vacuum
  • Mini Glass
  • Mini Vacuum
  • Mini Glass + Vacuum





Features of the Automatic Film Applicator: Glass

  • Large touch screen technology - easy to use
  • Film size: User selectable sizes
  • Speed: 
         Model A:  10-140mm/s

         Model B:  50-300mm/s



Technical Specifications of the Automatic Film Applicator:

  • Test Platform: Glass Plate with Clamp
  • Traverse Speed from 10-300mm/s, -  Model A: 10-140mm/s - B: 50-300mm/s
  • Stroke Length (Max) 14.2in (360mm)
  • Test Panel 16.5 x 11.8in (420×300mm)
  • Wire Bar Diameter: 10-13mm, 0.4-0.5"
  • Wire Bar Length: 320mm, 12.6"
  • Standard: ASTM D823
  • Power Supply: 120V ±10%,50/60HZ

Comes Complete with:

  • Automatic Film Applicator
  • Power Cord
  • Certificate of Quality/Conformance
  • Download card for Manual

  • ASTM D823