ASTM HAZE Transmittance Standards for MIZA TrHz-22, TrHz-33, TrHz-55 & TrHz-77 Transmission instruments

The TrHz-98 HAZE Standards (1, 5, 10, 20, & 30HU) are are used to check the accuracy of our Imbotec Instruments: MIZA TrHz-22, TrHz-33, TrHz-55 and TrHz-77 for Transmittance HAZE.
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Transmission HAZE Checking Standards

(5 standards per Set) Model: TrHz-98 SKU: HB-40100

 The TrHz-98 Haze Transmission set contains five Checking Standards and a certificate:

  1. 1 HU
  2. 5 HU
  3. 10 HU
  4. 20 HU
  5. 30 HU

 These standards can be used for our instruments:

a. TrHz-22 Transmission Haze Meter Entry Level

b. TrHz-33 Transmission Haze Meter Deluxe Level

c. TrHz-55 Transmission Haze Meter Deluxe with Full Spectrophotometer

 The standards are guaranteed to be accurate and perfectly work in conjunction with the Transmission Haze Instruments from Imbotec Group.

NOTE: We also have 5 Standards in a set TrHz-99 for Transmission. Transmission Checking Standards