Adjustable Pencil Hardness Tester

SKU: CB-15600
Manufacturer: MIZA

Overview of the Adjustable Pencil Hardness Tester

Adjustable Pencil Hardness Tester is designed according to ASTM D 3363 and ISO 15184 standards. The operator can use three different weights 18oz., 26oz. and 35oz. (500g, 750g and 1000g)by selecting different loading weight.

Main Technical Parameters:

■ Three points are touched on the tested surface(roller, pencil core)
■ The angle between pencil and the tested surface is 45º
■  Built-in spirit bubble, convenient to check level when tester is working
■ Pressure of pencil lead is 18oz., 26oz. and 35oz. (500g, 750g and 1000g)