Adjustable Applicator

Used to evaluate slight differences of film thickness
SKU: CA-21453
Manufacturer: Bevs

Overview of Adjustable Applicator

The Adjustable Applicator is used to evaluate slight differences in film thickness accurately. It operates by adjusting the two differentiators and scraper in which the gap is the final thickness.

Technical Specifications of the Adjustable Applicator:

  • Stainless steel-wear resistance
  • 6 film widths are available: 50/ 150/ 250/ 300 mm
  • Precision: ±2µm
  • Film thickness range: 0 to 138mil (0-3500µm) 
  • In 10 µm increment

 ■ Other widths and gap size are available upon request

In order to facilitate the rapid application of wet film and quick cleaning after use, BEVS developed two new models of adjustable film applicator.

Features of the Adjustable Applicator:

  • Diversion baffle makes the operation more convenient
  • The smart magnetical design is used for quick cleaning after use
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