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Our People

Our Strength is in the Mosaic of cultures that brings Imbotec together. Having people from USA, Asia, South America, Europe, and Canada combine a global understanding of cultures throughout the business world.

Creativity and open mindedness drive our company to new frontiers to improve efficiency and productivity.  Our five Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial engineers can resolve difficult undertakings to a solution using their varied backgrounds in astonishing times. Our great commitment to service stems from having excellent employees. Our products are an extension of our belief in quality. Customers return to us for our knowledge and trust in our ability to deliver quick and precise results. Results are delivered from our calibration lab technicians, or from our service and repair personnel.  Our sales department may even propose a different yet an exact solution to solve a customer issue. 


Our Customer Service employees speak seven languages to assist you in the best way possible. Our front office can easily help in English, Spanish and French for your convenience.

How can we support you?

Imbotec Group has several departments that benefit our long term customers interested in a low cost of ownership.

Purchase – Calibration – Service – Trade In –

Imbotec Group has one of the lowest costs of purchase in USA and Canada. In addition, by maintaining our customer’s instruments to the highest standard of operation and accuracy, we offer a long product life span and we stand behind our products. Customers can purchase an extended 2nd year warranty on most instruments. Our calibration laboratory will have your instrument certified to measure accurately to specification or better in under a week. If service is ever required, after consulting with you, we will repair the instrument, if parts are available. If it is Beyond Economic Repair, we offer Trade Ins for a new improved instrument. 


For nearly two decades, Imbotec Group has been helping customers in the Coatings, Appearance and Moisture industries. In its beginnings, we truly specialized in Color & Light Measurement and Gloss with Konica Minolta and BYK.  Imbotec’s thousands of customers in six continents understand we offer the best in class principle with great quality and low prices.

Our range of Coatings and Appearance instruments serve a large customer base with solutions to Visual, Physical and Mechanical testing of products.


Imbotec Group continuously strives to find new products to serve our customers in exciting areas for all of us. Our consulting side of the business can help with testing in our laboratory with a host of instruments. Please call us to discuss your requirement.


Imbotec Group manufactures through our MIZA line of products. Our dedicated team continues to innovate for our customers in Automotive, Advanced Coatings, Concrete, Food, Health, Manufacturing, Paper, Plastics, and Wood. 


Here at your Service to Serve You the Very Best We Can! 


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