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Delmhorst Moisture Check Dual Moisture Meter enables you to identify moisture conditions by quickly scanning large areas. Use the pin-mode to locate the exact source of moisture. Using this pin and pin-less meter together will give you the fastest and most accurate results.

Delmhorst Instrument Co. announces that Moisture Check features a basic and enhanced mode. Basic mode will allow the user to take readings in pin or scan mode without setting up and storing different jobs. Using MoistureCheck in enhanced mode will enable the user to have data collection and to download the readings to their PC.


Pin mode:

  • 5%-60% wood scale
  • Corrects for 69 individual wood over the range of 6%-60% MC
  • Corrects for temperature over the range of 0-255°F/-18-124°C
  • 0.1% - 6% sheetrock scale
  • 0-100 numerical reference scale for non-wood building materials

Scan mode:

  • 0-300 numerical reference scale

General Features:

  • Integral Contact pins mounted on top of meter provide 5/16” penetration
  • Connector for external Electrodes
  • On-screen reading recall of up to 1400 stored readings
  • Date and time stamp for each stored reading
  • Job groupings
  • Optional infrared linking capability w/ application software
  • 9-V battery
  • 1-year warranty
  • carrying case

Packages:                         Call to Purchase 1.866.462.6832

MoistureCheck/FP PKG           Flooring Package

MositureCheck/CP PKG          Contractor Package

MoistureCheck/IP PKG           Inspection Package

 For our Canadian customers, please call our Brampton, Ontario, Canada office at 905.450.1746

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