Gloss Sensor

Gloss Sensor for Process

Industrial Gloss Meter

Our GL-SR75 75 degree online gloss sensor is a true and tested industrial hardened gloss measurement gauge designed and built for Process Control.

Online Gloss measurement is very important and has a high Return on Investment for the User. Manufacturing engineers and process engineers see online gloss as a variable that must be controlled to produce a quality product. An online Gloss Sensor provides such a tool at an affordable price. Within 20 years, over 220 gloss sensor installations exist worldwide. Our gloss sensors have provided many industries with the ability to measure gloss where gloss meters were just not adequate for tough jobs and also lacked the capability to have a real time signal output. Our GL-SR75 online gloss sensor provides a 4-20 mA signal for DCS and PLC system controls.

Gloss Measurement for:

  • Plastic Webs
  • Paper Machines
  • Converting Lines
  • Super Calenders (SC)
  • Coated Glass Process
  • Building Materials
  • Vinyl Siding

Accurate – Stable – Reliable Gloss Sensor

The 75° Online Gloss Sensor has dual beam optics with an automatic gain control. This provides accurate measurement, stable performance with minimum maintenance. In the paper industry when installed on paper machines or super calenders, the measurements agree with TAPPI T-480.

EASY TO USE Gloss Sensor

Calibrate once a week with the provided calibration mechanism. The process takes under a few minutes. A remote LED display is provided with the system. For dual gloss measurements, a dual gloss readout on a single display unit is available.


A long-life, tungsten-halogen lamp is mounted in an easily interchangeable cartridge.

NON CONTACT Gloss Measurement

The sample (web surface) is located 9.53 mm (0.375 inches) from the GL-SR75 gloss sensor measurement window. Contamination on the measurement window is calibrated out of the reading. The sensor is shipped with a gloss calibration standard.


Output from the GL-SR75 gloss sensor is 4-20 mA. This signal supplies a Remote Display. The signal can then be sent to your PLC or DCS  or other equipment.
¨      Measured Area:   30 x 112mm       (1.2 x 4.4 inches)
¨      Geometry:          75° Illumination/75° Detection
¨      Range:               0 to 100 GU (gloss units)
¨      Lamp Life           4,000 hr.
¨      Repeatability:     £0.1 GU
¨      Reproducibility:   £0.3 GU
¨      Operating:         5° to 37°C        (40° to 100°F)
¨      Storage:            -27° to 65°C     (-20° to 150°F)
¨      Height:              150 mm    (5.9 inches)
¨      Width:               115 mm    (4.5 inches)
¨      Length:              622 mm    (24.5 inches)
¨      Weight:             10 kg        (22 lb)


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