Dynagard 75 Service and Repair

 GL-SR75 Gloss Sensor Service


DynaGard 75 Gloss Meter Service

If you are experiencing problems with your DynaGard 75 glossmeter, Imbotec Group will help you.  
“We are the repair house and manufacturer for this product line.”
Imbotec Group will repair your industrial online gloss meter and get you up and running quickly.
Imbotec Group offers several levels of Service Response. The most efficient and cost effective method to correct a problem is by using our in-house service. The Dynagard 75 design requires that certain components be specifically chosen and sized to other components within the gloss sensor.
Depending on your urgency requirements, we provide various levels of response.
Dynagard 75 & GL-SR75 Levels of Service
Platinum  Urgent On-Site Service dispatching a technician to your location
Gold  Overnight Delivery of the Gloss Sensor to us with Priority In-house Service
Silver  Standard courier delivery to us with Expedited In-House Service
Repair and Alignment
With every DynaGard gloss meter or GL-SR75 gloss sensor that we receive, we thoroughly inspect the sensor, and estimate a repair charge. For faster turnaround, you can provide us with pre-approved service or we can contact you for approval. Once approval is obtained, we will correct the problem. We will then clean all the optical components and proceed to the optical alignment of the optics.
Calibration and Certification
Once the Gloss Sensor is cleaned and working, we proceed to a full Calibration and Certification of the Dynagard Gloss Meter or GL-SR75 Gloss Sensor with our set of Gloss Tiles for a full gloss linearity check.
We utilize UPS Courier for Shipments. Please indicate level of service or how quickly you would like the sensor returned. You can also provide us with your UPS or FedEx courier account number for direct billing to your account.
Contacting Us – USA & Canada
Please call us at 1.866.462.6832 to discuss your service requirement. We will email you our Vendor Set-Up file for your purchase order creation. We accept Purchase Orders for customers in the USA and Canada.
Contacting Us - International
Other countries will require either a Wire Transfer or Credit card. You can call us at 1.905.450.1746 or email us.
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