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Novo Gloss Meters

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Rhopoint Novo Gloss Meters

Price CAD

Novo Gloss TRIO 20/60/85


NEW Novo Gloss Trigloss $5602

Novo Gloss Lite Dual 60/20° - Replaced by Novo-Gloss Dualgloss 20/60° 


Novo Gloss Lite 60°  - Replaced by Novo-Gloss Single 60° 


Novo Gloss Lite 45°   


Novo Gloss 20° 60° 75°  -  Only one in Industry CALL to order


Novo Curve Small Area


Novo Curve and the Cylinder Jig


Reflectometer 0° - 45°


Novo Shade Duo Reflectometer - CALL


Gloss - Haze - DOI Meter

Rhopoint IQ 20/60/85° $7001

Rhopoint IQ 20/60°


Opacity and Lightness Meter


Opacity Meter & Lightness


Novo Shade Duo – Opacity & Lightness





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