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Novo Gloss Glossmeters by Rhopoint


Gloss meters are available in three different configurations from Novo Gloss.


Single Angle instruments are available in each of these categories;


20° Glossmeter

High Gloss

Novo Gloss Lite 20

60° Glossmeter

Semi Gloss - Universal

Novo Gloss Lite 60

60° Gloss on Curves

Semi Gloss – Universal

Novo Curve

60° Small  2mmx2mm

Semi Gloss - Universal

Novo Curve

85° Glossmeter

Low Gloss

Novo Gloss 85

45° Glossmeter


Novo Gloss Lite 45

75° Glossmeter

Paper & Vinyl

Novo Gloss 75

Dual Angle Instrument

20°-60° Glossmeter

High – Semi Gloss

Novo Gloss Dual Lite 20-60

Triple Angle Instruments;

20°-60°-85° Glossmeter

High – Semi – Low

Novo Gloss TRIO 20-60-85

20°-60°-75° Glossmeter

High – Semi – Paper/Vinyl

Novo Gloss NG20-60-75



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NOVO GLOSS Glossmeter Features

International Standards

Novo-Gloss™ instruments are compatible with the all international standards and come complete with a traceable and certified calibration standard.


20°-60°-85° glossmeter - BS EN ISO 2813, ASTM D523 & D 2457, DIN67530, JIS Z 8741

75° glossmeter - TAPPI T480

45° glossmeter - ASTM C 346

Continuous Read Feature

All Novo™ instruments are equipped with a move and read feature. This feature can be used to access the gloss variations across large surfaces in seconds. The read key is held in while the instrument is moved across a sample. This gives a real time display of the gloss levels across the surface.

Download, Analyze and Store readings in Novo-Soft™.

Novo-Gloss Lite ™, Novo-Gloss ™ Statistical and Novo-Curve™ instruments have a built in memory which can store up to 200 readings. To permanently store these values or to analyze them further they can be easily downloaded to a computer running Novo-Soft ™. This software and the USB cable are included in the instrument purchase price. From Novo-Soft ™ it is very easy to transfer data to Excel.

Two Year Warranty

Novo-Gloss Instruments are manufactured to the Highest Standards. We are so confident; we offer a two year warranty to all registered instruments. Remember you must register to get the 2nd year.

Dry Cell or Rechargeable Power Options

We can supply either the Rechargeable or Alkaline battery versions of the Novo-Gloss Lite ™ depending on the user’s preference. We only stock the batter operated units and the power supply units are special order.

The power option is NOT interchangeable and must be specified when ordering the “LITE” instrument.

The TRIO only comes with Alkaline Batteries. 99% of customers prefer the standard battery operated units.

Full Statistical Analysis

Statistical Novo-Gloss™, Novo-Curve™ and all models of Novo-Gloss Lite™ , DUAL™, TRIO™ have built in statistical Analysis.

Graphical and Statistical data for two batches shown in Novo-soft™

Using this feature, one can simply perform in-depth quality analysis on a batch of samples. Each reading is saved in the internal memory, and the batch statistics are displayed. For enhanced analysis, the internal memory can be downloaded to Novo-Soft ™ where one can combine multiple batches, tag unwanted readings or display results graphically.

Automatic Calibration with tile check

The Novo-Gloss Lite is equipped with an automatic calibration option for quick and reliable calibration. The Novo-Gloss Lite™ also checks the condition of the tile at each calibration and informs the user of any problems that would lead to incorrect operation.

Lifetime Warranty on the Light source

The Novo-Gloss Lite is designed around a new vastly superior performance light source that has an extended operating specification.

Calibrate to any Standard

Our Novo-Gloss glossmeters, unlike others, can be calibrated to any known value standard.  This minor point has several large advantages.

  • Multiple instruments can be calibrated to the same standard improving ISO9001 traceability.
  • Spare standards can be kept in case of damage to working standards.
  • The standard can be matched to the measurement conditions. Imbotec can supply low, medium and high gloss calibration tiles.


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