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Imbotec Group was setup in the 90's to sell, service and manufacture the very best colour & appearance measurement solutions for the Coatings Industry.

Gloss Sensors - GL-SR75 - Manufacturing - Calibration - Sales & Service

Imbotec Group not only sells, but manufactures an industrial Gloss Sensor for real time process control analysis for the Glass, Plastics, Paper and other industries.
Imbotec Group represents and proudly supplies Rhopoint Gloss Meters, Horiba Gloss Meters, Byk Gardner micro Gloss Meters, GTI Light Booths, Color Measurement instruments and more. Our personnel have been involved in sales and service of Color measurement, gloss and light booths since the early eighties, thus having accumulated a vast knowledge in both the laboratory and process areas with color control and color quality.
Our owner, a past product manager for color measurement spectrophotometers at Macbeth Corp.(now X-Rite) in Newburgh, NY in the late eighties developed the world's first remote color measurement spectrophotometer.
We now provide our customers with a variety of instrumentation for Color, Quality and Appearance. Imbotec Group has become a one stop shop for Color Measurement & Formulation hardware and software, Controlled Lighting with Lightbooths and Luminaires, Gloss meters, Reflectometers, Wet and Dry Film Coating Thickness Guages, Drawdown Charts and Colorimeters. With Color, Gloss and Coating Thickness devices, we provide a simple solution for companies with sales, service and calibration. We provide spectrophotometers, colorimeters, gloss meters, gloss sensors, color sensors, lightbooths, luminaires, color vision testing, coating thickness gauges and a hundred other physical testing devices for the coatings industry.
Our Canadian office is located in Brampton, ON where we also provide sales, service, repair, calibration and training. This office supports all of Canada in both languages. 
If you have any questions about color measurement, color matching or process color measurement, please give us a call at 1.866.462.6832 (IMBOTEC).
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