Novo Gloss Checking Std.

RHOPOINT NOVO GLOSS Lite & TRIO Checking Standards


Purpose of using a Checking Standard:

There are two main reasons to use a Checking Standard or Secondary Calibration Reference Sstandard.


1. Checking Standard

- To determine if the gloss meter is reading gloss correctly within the gloss level area that your products should be. If your gloss standards are around 50GU, how would you know if the gloss meter is reading 50GU correctly? You couldn't since you only have a standard calibrtaion standard that reads over 90GU.

- Solution: Get a Semi Gloss Standard or Checking Standard for your Gloss Meter. Checking Standards or Reference Standards are available in various ranges, namely; Mirror, High, Medium or Semi and Low Gloss. This is the only method to determine that your Gloss Meter is reading accurately.


2. New Calibration Standard

- To improve the accuracy of a Gloss Meter, only Rhopoint Gloss Meters can be manually adjusted to calibrate at the Gloss level of this new standard, thus reducing the range of the Gloss Meter and expanding the resolution within the area that you measure Gloss.

e.g. If your products read around 50GU, why calibrate at 93GU when you could calibrate the unit at 60GU.

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