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    Wood Industry Products and Solutions




This page has links to this website for the following categories to help you quickly find what you need.


Moisture Meters Pinless Type Quick Scanning of Boards or Veneer

Moisture Meters Pin Type Measuring moisture by inserting thin needles

Nail Fastener Finder quickly find fasteners in Hardwood to save Blades & Routers

Nail Metal Finder for larger lumber to remove nails or metal prior to Planning

Bifocal Safety Glasses In powers from 1.0 to 3.0 in 0.5 graduations

Stud Finder New Principle, find studs by locating the nails in the stud, eliminate false signals

Distance Measurement for contractors, measure accurately using laser, not ultrasonically

Temperature Measure wood or wall temperatures instantly

Humidity & Temperature measure air humidity and temperature before laying hardwood

Sheen Measurement Gloss Measurement made easy with German Precision, (budget $3k)

Color Measurement Measure and compare different wood finishes, (budget $6k)



You can call us toll free at anytime 1.866.IMBOTEC, to discuss your measurement application (hardwood, concrete, veneer, sawmill, etc.), or job requirements (hardwood installer, carpet layer, mold finder, furniture maker, contractor, etc.) or if you are just unsure or uneasy about what would be best for you.

We provide not only great prices, we also provide service to help you choose. We do not have a website with 100 choices from ten companies only to confuse you, but one with enough choices to provide exactly what you need. We stick with reputable companies with high quality moisture measurement instruments. We carry single low cost instruments to the most advanced kits for your specific industry.

Call John (measuring moisture and color since 1982) to discuss your specific needs.  Toll free 1.866. IMBOTEC (462.6832)

Money back guarantee with a 100% record in customer satisfaction and strive every day to keep this enviable record.

Why shop anywhere else? If you have any suggestions to improve your purchasing experience or our service call us at Toll free 1.866. IMBOTEC (462.6832)


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