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“SKIPPER PLUS by Tramex”

Used by Marine Surveyors and Boat Builders around the World.


Blistering – Delamination between FRP layers, separation from the covering skins leads to massive areas of Rot, etc.


Skipper Plus” - The Tramex Skipper Plus is a non invasive, non destructive solution built especially for the boat and marine industry to help detect boat moisture problems before very costly damage occurs such as layer separation.

This meter is specifically designed for Marine Surveyors, Boatyard Inspectors and anyone interested in a scientific approach using a tool. The Skipper Plus moisture meter has three scales for Surface Moisture, Wood Moisture and deep GRP Moisture.


Eight Facts:

Fact #1 – Fiberglass does not absorb water at all.  So Why a Moisture Meter (read on)?

Fact #2 – Fiberglass boats have more than just fiberglass.

Fact #3 – Core or Strengthening materials in fiberglass boats all absorb moisture.

Fact #4 – Fiberglass is mixed with resin (glue) to that form glue bonds.

Fact #5 – If the resin is not 100% cured, it absorbs water and trouble starts.

Fact #6 – Poor repair jobs with chopped strand mats, etc. cause water penetration due to capillary action along fiber strands.

Fact #7 – Cheaper resins used by boat builders do not 100% wet the glass fibers, causing osmotic water penetration.

Fact #8 – Moisture meters are not the end all to a moisture problem, they must be used with knowledge


A moisture meter properly used can help to identify problem spots. We are not saying a boat moisture meter solves or prevents problems 100% but it is a necessary tool to determine whether moisture problems are a cause. Measuring a hull from the inside is pretty much 100% accurate. Measuring from the outside requires some knowledge about how to achieve reliable results.

As an Authorized Distributor for all of North America, we carry a highly respected moisture meter for the boat industry. At the present time we are carrying the Tramex Skipper Plus at the lowest price in North America. Click the “VISA-Buy Now” icon above to purchase now.


Water penetrates many products, including gel coats and paint, slowly but it does. So what happens if water enters through a loose screw or by other means? If your boat is 100% properly built, nothing. If you have some areas where the resin and fiberglass were not 100% cured or wetted and some molecule chains are in fact open, then these ends when mixed with water create a special salt. This salt which is heavy will continue to grow as water is absorbed. This salt is acidic and will start attacking other materials such as laminate layers not fully chemically bonded or glue bonds. All this happens internally with no visible signs. Once it progresses you start seeing blistering and then Delamination and eventual long term failure of the FRP. If wood is present it will just rot over time. Major damage will eventually occur.


What can be done?  Visual inspection and sounding are the usual first steps. Then surveyors pull out the boat moisture meter to locate the extent of water infiltration boundaries. One must remember that you must compare readings to a dry part of the boat. This is always the smart thing to do to stay objective. Also read the scale in units not percentage to be more objective in your reports. Start measuring and notice when some areas show much more moisture. Something like finding a stud in a wall by either sounding or by an electronic meter.  Today’s boats require specialized instruments to more fully understand problems and to recommend solutions or maintenance for repairs.   If possible measure on the inside of the hull where the gelcoat is 30% to 50% thinner.


The Tramex Skipper Plus Moisture Meter should be moved across the surface of the in a thorough manner, detecting moisture non-destructively through paint and coatings on wood up to a depth of 1.25" and on fiber glass hulls with paint or gelcoats. The Skipper Plus can also be used to detect leaks and trace them to source both above and below decks. Measure Surface or Deep and also has a scale for wood moisture. Make sure the surface to be measured is dry and the boat has been hauled out for some time if measuring below the waterline. If a salt residue is seen, clean with damp cloth. If possible measure hull on the inside, where the gelcoat is thinner. Familiarize yourself with the inside of the boat so you know what you are measuring through the hull


Simple Operation:


·         Turn the unit ON, and select one of three scales.

·         Press against the surface and scan the area instead of spot readings to reduce false readings.


·         Early detection before blistering appears

·         Identifying the affected area

·         Monitoring hull during de-humidification and repairs

·         Identify the presence of moisture osmosis in fiberglass hulls

·         Confirm if wooden boats are dry before painting or varnishing

·         Check if racing boats are carrying excess moisture weight

·         Trace deck and bulkhead leaks

·         Early detection before blistering appears

·         Identify extent of moisture affected area

·         Monitor hull during de-humidification

·         Check stripped areas prior to re-coating



·          Boat Owners

·          Boat Inspectors

·          Boat Builders

·          Marine Inspectors

·          Marine Surveyors

·          Boat Renovators

·          Boat Repairman



·          Digital Large LCD Readout to 0.1% Accuracy

·          Non-destructive detection and measurement of moisture in wooden boats, GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) boat hulls, wooden parts, components, decks, etc.

·          Three measurement ranges optimized for testing of different materials such as hardwood, GRP and surface moisture

·          Deep signal penetration to detect elevated moisture through most covering and coating materials and deep into the core of composite hulls without having to damage or puncture the material being tested

·          External rubber electrodes in direct contact with material being tested for best sensitivity, repeatability and greater depth of signal penetration

·          Wide range of readings for wood of 5 to 30% on hardwood scale and 0 to 100 on comparative scale for GRP and other materials

·          Large, clear, easy to read display giving meaningful readings

·          Hold function enables user to "freeze" the reading, useful when taking readings in awkward places where the meter face may not be visible

·          High moisture audio warning tone that can be switched on or off

·          Automatic power cutoff switches "Off" when not in use to save Battery



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Thirteen Reasons why Blistering occurs?


1.        Boat bottoms blister because boat builders use Poor Quality Resins and Gelcoats

2.        Paint used instead of Gelcoat

3.        A hull that is water permeable

4.        Fiberglass strands not wetted or saturated with resin

5.        Occurs Above or Below the waterline

6.        Capillary effect carries water along long strands of fiberglass along the boat

7.        Engine vibration carries water along unsaturated fiberglass strands

8.        Short fibers used in a chopped strand mat or chopper gun for a skinout layer is a major source of water conduction into the hull due to its porosity

9.        Exposed fibers on the inside also cause blistering

10.     Bonding failures of a Gelcoats and skinout mats

11.     If a boat has incomplete bonding or ply separation, blistering will never be corrected

12.     Weak glue joint due to contamination causing partial ply delamination

13.     Low quality resin and excessive use of CSM is the Primary cause of blistering


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Skipper Plus Moisture Meter by Tramex - Skipper Plus

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