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Tramex Hammer Probe  with the Professional Wood Meter


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Used by Hardwood Installers in the USA and Canada.

See our professional line of Kits below.


For information on the Tramex Professional Moisture meter click here.


Tramex Hammer Electrode for the Professional Moisture Meter



·          New Hardwood Flooring Installation (New wood cannot be more than 4% from substrate).

·          Old Hardwood to measure substrate through the hardwood (problem determination, req. hammer probe)

·          Rough Cut

·          Furniture – Cabinet maker



·          Wood Flooring Contractors

·          Carpet Installers

·          Roofing Contractors



·          Heavy Duty Sliding action hammer probe like a pile driver

·          Deep penetration into hardwoods for maximum moisture reading depth

·          For Greater Use Optional Probes

o         Handheld Probe comes standard with non-insulated 1.2” (30mm) pins

§          Can use optional 2” Insulated Pins (penetrates 1.5”)


Simple Operation:

Measure Moisture:

-Simply choose a dry surface area, plug the hammer probe to the meter, press the ON button on the meter and slide the hammer up and bring it down quickly to jam the two pins at the bottom of the probe into any wood species. Instantaneously, the moisture is displayed in % moisture on the large LCD

Want to measure wood that is wet on the surface:

-Use insulated 2” Insulated pins with the hammer probe. Use above instructions for a moisture within the wood at the penetration of the pins.


Looking for a Professional High Quality but larger Industrial Kit at a bargain price? Our Imbotec Kits are available in many configurations. 

-We have the World’s Largest Choice of available kits for commercial or residential hardwood installers, contractors, home inspectors, mold remediation, wood or bathroom renovators and more at unseen prices. Our large inventory keeps your price down.



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Imbotec Price




Wood Meter, Hand  & Hammer Probe, Thermo-Hygrometer, IR Temperature Gun, our  Nail Finder with a Hard Case “KIT-WHH”




Our Imbotec Kits include a Hard Die Cut Foam Filled Case, Nail Finder, Hygrometer, and IR Gun along with a choice of the following;


CMEX Moisture Meter & Wood Probe

CMEX Hammer Probe

CMEX RH Hygrometer Probe

RH Sleeves for RH Probe - slab holes

Hood for RH Probe (comes with Kits)

LEICA Laser Distance A3 or A5 models

MRH Moisture Meter – wood, drywall, roof, ceramic

MRH RH Hygrometer Probe

ECO-10 non pin Wood Meter

Pro Wood ¾” pin Moisture Meter

Hand Probe 1” pin for Pro Wood

3” Ins. Pins for Hand Probe SPI-90 $59.

7” Insulated Pins for Hand Probe SPI-200 $75.

Hammer probe with 1.5” Probe

1.5” Pins for Hammer Probe SPI-52 $27.

Cal. Check for RH or Moisture Meters

Nail Finder Hand Held Sensor

Infra Red Temperature Gun

Hand Held Hygrometer for ambient temperature and humidity

Professional 45° - 90° - Horizontal – Vertical  Laser Align for concrete leveling or hardwood installers, carpet installers. High power for long lines, not comparable to store models.


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To Purchase a combination of tools, call John, Toll Free  at 1.866.IMBOTEC (462.6832)

Pay by credit card – VISA or MasterCard.



For business owners wanting their installers to have the necessary right tools to determine whether an installation should go move ahead. Should an installer find conditions that are high in moisture or humidity, an immediate stop can occur until the area of concern has been determined and corrected. This stop will save you from having to redo floors for warping, buckling or cupping or gaps and save you thousands in profit. Before work starts, measure ambient, existing concrete or substrate, and new wood.

For Contractors, you can measure below carpeting, below hardwood, behind drywall, etc. To measure below ceramic tile or for drywall, see the Tramex MRH.

We offer volume discounts (5 kits+) for store owners willing to sell to their installers and contractors.


To all our customers, please do check around to determine that we do indeed have the best prices and have stock.


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