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The MRH is a Moisture Encounter Moisture Meter on STEROIDS.

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The Tramex MRH 3 Moisture meter is a Non-Destructive professional grade moisture meter for Wood Moisture, Dry-Wall Moisture, Roofing Moisture, Siding Moisture, Ceramic  Tile moisture, Mold Remediation meter and much more.

“Used by Home Inspectors in the USA and Canada(not difficult to figure out why.)


The digital non destructive MRH moisture meter by Tramex is a professional residential and commercial solution for moisture tracking of manymaterials. The MRH moisture meter comes standard with rubber pads for excellent contact with the surface, providing accurate and instantaneous moisture results. For those customers thinking of getting the lower ranked moisture encounter plus, this meter just beats it with its digital technology vs. analog, and has the option to have an RH probe attached that the moisture encounter does not. For a few dollars more the MRH does double duty.



Simple Operation:

Just press the MRH moisture meter against a flat surface, turn on and choose the optimal scale by the press of a button and view the reading on the large LCD in % moisture for wood and 0-99 for all the other materials. Four (4) optimized scales are built-in for: Wood, Roof, Masonry and Drywall. This does not mean you cannot use it on Ceramic Tile.  Use the Drywall scale for ceramic tiles. It is actually one of our demonstrations at exhibits. Excess moisture behind ceramic tiles on drywall or other substrates can cause decay, delamination and mold growth.

(we also carry Mold remediation kits.)


For example on a roof, if the water proofing membrane develops a crack and leaks, the water can travel within the built-up roof structure and enter the building some distance away. The MRH will trace the leak to it’s source!


Rising damp and moisture migration from leaks and defective or non existing vapor barriers can be identified and profiled and its source often be found by sliding the MRH across the wall surface. Monitoring of de-humidification process after flooding or water damage can be done.


Optional Relative Humidity Probe for temperature, humidity, dew point and mixing ratio.


The optional RH probe can be used in a wide range of applications such as;

·          HVAC

·          Environmental monitoring

·          Building monitoring

·          Building Inspection

·          Hardwood Flooring Applications  (also see the Tramex CMEX)



·          Building Inspectors - Facility Engineers

·          Mold Remediation

·          HVAC Personnel

·          Hardwood Flooring Installers (also see the Tramex CMEX)

·          Roofing Contractors - Building Contractors

·          Pest Control – termite, ants



·          Rubber Pads for excellent contact

·          Digital Electronics, not like the Analog Moisture Encounter Plus

·          4 Digital Scales

o         Wood               (3% - 40%)

o         Roof                 Qualitative Scale

o         Masonry           Qualitative Scale

o         Drywall             Qualitative Scale

·          Digital large LCD for easy readability

·          Programmable Wood Specific Gravity “S.G.” 0.3 to 0.8 by pressing one button

·          Hold button to record reading

·          Auto shut-off for optimal battery life

·          Optional RH probe “auto detect” 5% – 98% and temperature

·          Button to switch between °F or °C


Simple Operation:

Measure Moisture:

-Simply choose a dry area, place the MRH moisture meter against a flat surface, turn on and choose the optimal scale by the press of a button and view the reading on the large LCD. No drilling, no damage to wall or hardwood floor or to ceramics. It’s easy and quick. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Want to measure wood:

-Switch to wood moisture. Press the MRH onto the wood and view the reading in % moisture.

Want to measure another material:

-Press the Scale button to switch scales, press the MRH against the material and read the scale.

Want to use the Hygrometer RH probe for room ambient conditions:

-Plug in the optional RH Probe tel. style jack into the MRH and the unit automatically switches to temperature, % Humidity, Dew Point, and gr/lb (g/kg). Use behind walls or in ambient room or for concrete also.

Want RH in concrete:

-Use the RH probe and place into the optional sleeve in the concrete or into the insulated hood. All available from Imbotec Group, the moisture knowledge specialists.



“Just a drop of water a day can lead to dry rot, mildew, and other undesirable results.”


-We have the World’s Largest Choice of Moisture Measurement KITS available for commercial or residential hardwood installers, contractors, home inspectors, mold remediation, wood or bathroom renovators and more.  To see all our kits, visit





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