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Tramex CMEX 2 CMEXpert Concrete Moisture Meter meets ASTM F2170-11

“Flooring Manufacturer’s Recommended”

Used by Hardwood Flooring Contractors, NWFA Hardwood Inspectors and Home or Building Inspectors


The new TRAMEX CMEX 2 moisture meter comes standard for instantaneous concrete moisture testing without the necessity to drill any holes in the slab.

Just press the CMEX moisture meter against a concrete slab and the moisture is displayed in % moisture on the large LCD. The Spring loaded electrodes make excellent contact with concrete, screed or gypsum. Four (4) optimized scales: Concrete – CM Equivalent – Gypsum and Ref. scale. The CMEX replaces the older analog Concrete Encounter CME4.


Optional Wood Pin Probe and a RH Probe - Relative Humidity Probe for either in-situ probe method ASTM F 2170-11 or the Hood Method ASTM F 2420-05. The Hood method is non invasive, non destructive testing”. The RH Probe measures temperature, wet bulb temperature, relative humidity, and water weight.



·         New 2012 non invasive non destructive testing ASTM F2170-11 with RH Probes and sleeves

·         Spring Loaded electrodes for excellent contact

·         Digital large LCD for easy readability 0% - 6.9%

·         Hold button to record reading

·         Auto detects what probe is inserted

·         Auto shut-off for optimal battery life

·         Button to switch to °F or °C

·         CMEX comes in a high impact polypropylene die cut foam lining

·         Option: CMEX + Wood probe Concrete + Wood 7% – 40%

·         Option: CMEX + Wood and Hammer 1.5” probes above + Hammer Probe

·         Option: CMEX + RH probe + Sleeves above plus in-situ ASTM F2170-11 (Call for various kits)




Simple Operation:

Measure Concrete % Moisture:

-Simply choose a dry slab area, dust-off the area and place the meter on the slab. Turn it on and read the moisture presented in % moisture. No drilling or no damage to floor, NDT.

Want to measure wood:

-Plug in the tel. style jack into the CMEX and the unit automatically switches to wood moisture. Press the pins into the wood and view the reading in % moisture.

Want to measure the substrate:

-Plug in the Hammer Probe with 1.5” insulated pins to go right through the hardwood floor into the substrate.

Want to use the Hygrometer RH probe for room ambient conditions:

-Plug in the RH Probe tel. style jack into the CMEX and the unit automatically switches to temperature, % Humidity, Dew point, and gr/lb (g/kg).

Want RH in concrete:

-Use the RH probe and place into the sleeve in the concrete or into the insulated hood. All available from Imbotec Group, the moisture knowledge specialists.


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For purchase: Click Tramex CMEX 2 


CMEX Moisture Meter & Wood Probe

CMEX Hammer Probe

CMEX RH Hygrometer Probe

RH Sleeves for RH Probe - slab holes

Hood for RH Probe (comes with Kits)

LEICA Laser Distance A3 or A5 models

MRH Moisture Meter – wood, drywall, roof, ceramic

MRH RH Hygrometer Probe

ECO-10 non pin Wood Meter

Pro Wood ¾” pin Moisture Meter

Hand Probe 1” pin for Pro Wood

3” Ins. Pins for Hand Probe SPI-90 

7” Insulated Pins for Hand Probe SPI-200 

Hammer probe with 1.5” Probe

1.5” Pins for Hammer Probe SPI-52 

Cal. Check for RH or Moisture Meters

Nail Finder Hand Held Sensor

Infra Red Temperature Gun

Hand Held Hygrometer for ambient temperature and humidity

Professional 45° - 90° - Horizontal – Vertical  Laser Align for concrete leveling or hardwood installers, carpet installers. High power for long lines, not comparable to store models.


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1.866.IMBOTEC1.866.IMBOTEC (462.6832)


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• Concrete Measurement and Flatness

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