FMI L-Sensor

The FMI type L sensor is a sensor through which the wood is transported longitudinally. The moisture measurement takes place along the whole length of the wood.

FMI L-Sensor    FMI L-Sensor

Photocells detect when the wood enters and leaves the sensor. When the wood leaves the sensor, the FMI calculates the following at breakneck speed:

Minimum moisture content
Maximum moisture content
Average moisture content

The output relay for the purpose of marking or indicating can be set to the:

Average value
Peak value
Real time value

FMI L-Sensor (De Groot Vromshoop, the Netherlands)

The FMI L sensor is used for the following applications

Moisture measurement in front of, or behind a planing machine
Moisture measurement for a cross-cut saw
Moisture measurement for a scanner
Moisture measurement in a production line

The FMI L sensor can even guide a conveyor belt if wood is being transported along it.

FMI L-Sensor (Sinar Agung, Indonesia)    FMI configuration with L-Sensor (Corinthian, Malaysia)

The FMI L sensor is connected to the control unit by means of a sensor cable with plugs.

Technical specifications

Moisture measurement along the whole length of the wood
Maximum wood speed: 600 meters per minute
400 measurements per second
Wood thickness 10-100 mm, 20-150 mm or 50-200 mm
Dimensions 615 x 365 x 290 mm, 615 x 365 x 340 mm or 615 x 365 x 390 mm
Weight 27 kg, 28 kg or 29 kg

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