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EzySand – The TRUE Profile Sander - Vario Pro

EzySand - World’s only True Profiler - Vario Pro

EzySand - for Wood, Metal or other materials


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The EzySand is a new concept in Profile sanding. Most products on the market dull some of the fine work done when sanded. This new handheld product adapts to the surface before sanding starts. It molds itself to the shape by pushing against the curved surface, whether concave or convex or both at once. You then easily lock it in place by turning a large knob on the back. Now, position the sandpaper on the surface and start sanding. Beautiful curves and edges will remain after sanding, keeping  the original true profile. The EzySand has a built-in suspension system that adjusts itself to the profile. A series of thin durable PVC lamellae move independently to duplicate the contoured profile section. The EzySand can be used over and over on an infinite amount of variable profiles.

The EzySand comes with a manual and 5 pieces of sandpaper to get you started.

We offer satisfaction and a money back guarantee. We stand by our products.

The EzySand is quality built for industrial use in Europe for us. Tough & Durable.


Excellent for Sanding and Finishing Wood Profiles

Excellent also for Sanding Truck beds or Metal Contours

Wood & Metal Sanding:

Ø   The EzySand copies and matches the surface as it is pushed down onto the surface to be sanded as shown in the images on the right.


Benefits & Features:

·                Only True Variable Profile Sander on the market

·                Quick. Press, turn the knob, attach Velcro sandpaper and start in 5 seconds

·                World’s Only handheld true profile sander

·                Accurate with New Patented Technology

·                Immediate Results

·                Measures a mere 5” x 2” (125 x 50mm)

·                Weighs an incredible 375g, just 0.84lb!

·                Most important – Super Simple to use over and over.

·                Tough and Rugged

·                Ready for Use - Comes complete

·                Includes 5 sanding papers

·                Use standard sanding paper or new Velcro type

·                Maintenance Free, just blow dust of it

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UNIQUE - world’s only true variable sander.



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