Gloss Meter Certification

Gloss Meter Certification Services


How Often:

These services are offered on an Annual basis to customers on a contractual basis.


Region Served:

By Courier; United States, Canada.


Gloss Meters Certified; Rhopoint, Elcometer, QIP, Horiba.



Many reasons exist. The primary one is to know for certain that your gloss meter, or spectrophotometer are working accurately today as they did 5 years ago.  Many of us believe are under the incorrect assumption that if a unit is calibrated, it reads gloss or color perfectly throughout the unit's spectrum.  



ISO and other internal or external standards require that measurement instruments be certified periodically. Instruments deteriorate with time, yet we may think otherwise. These high quality instruments age slowly with time and colors do drift.


Our Service:

Our tests can determine whether your sphere geometry spectrophotometer measures color accurately compared to NIST standards.

We can also check for company wide “inter-instrument agreement”, among all your instruments.

Our results will show conformity or non conformity.

We perform tests to check for precise color measurement, linearity, wavelength accuracy, temperature and humidity within the laboratory.


Personnel Eye Vision Testing:

Imbotec Group can also perform tests on company personnel that deal with color during their work day.

A Farnsworth 100Hue Test will be conducted to determine if a subject has an acute color sensitivity. Testing will categorize and determine who has the best discrimination within all color range. This is an industrial professional test much beyond what Doctors do. this test is intended for Colorists and Technical and QC Managers.


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