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The PS4 Color Measurement System                     $999.



The PS4 Color Reader expresses the final results in three individual percentages for RGB.


PS4 is a color comparison device that digitally measures the color of a Target Color and then allows the user to sample any number of comparison colors to determine a color match. It is light weight, portable, hand held and battery operated. Colors are read by placing the tip of the instrument against the surface of the color to be read. The results of the color comparison are displayed on an LCD screen below in Red Green Blue, “RGB” units.


The PS4 compares readings and expresses the final results in three (3) % diff. readings for RGB.


Color Reader (click on the image on the right to see it larger)


Operation of the Color Reader


Press the Measure button once and color is measured and displayed on the built-in LCD readout in RGB in a fraction of a second.

To measure a second color (the sample), press the button once again and the color difference is then shown.

The color difference will tell you whether it is a match or not.

It is light weight, portable, hand held and battery operated.


Color Comparison (two colors)


Color data used to be intimidating; we have made it simple for the average consumer.

All the information is visible on one simple screen.

An immediate color comparison is obtained.




The color reader resolution is one in 16 Million Colors.




Instrument calibration is done automatically when the ON button is pressed.


LCD Screen of the PS4 - See Picture on right


This is the TARGET COLOR expressed digitally in   Red Green and Blue


This is the SAMPLE COLOR in “RGB” - Red Green    and Blue.

+1 +1 +0
This is the COLOR difference expressed numerically


0.7 3.8 0.0
This is the three (3) percentage differences in each color zone, “RGB”.


A 0.0% difference is a perfect color match. A color difference under 1.5% total is so close that the human eye will rarely perceive any difference. Even at 5% difference many viewers will see no significant difference.


The PS4 includes:

·    1 - PS4 Color Reader

·    5 - Calibration caps

·    1 - Plastic cap, Rubber tip, Rubber cup,

·    1 - 6 volt J-Cell battery,

·    1 - 3 month replacement warranty.


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